You gotta leave the past behind...

Today, my blog is in english, because I think, I'm better in describing my feelings in english than in german.

So, it's titled leave the past behind. What did I mean with this "phrase"? I found some old letters written by me or people who mean or meant a lot to me. It felt strange to read about some times of my past and it made me sad. But then I got the feeling that I should cut this parts out of my life and I did. I took all the letters which reminded me on people that hurted me and I just destroyed all the sheets of paper! It felt good to get rid of the past. But it didn't feel good to think about the things which happened. And allthough all these memories formed me to what I'm now, I wish some had never happened.
Some of them left scars that'll never go away.

14.12.10 22:04


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